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Natural Marmelade Black Olive—Lemon—Traditional Tea "Kainari"

Produced in limited quantities by the traditional way

This original combination of ingredients is based on an old traditional recipe of our island,

The black olive "matches" harmoniously with the lemon and with the addition of the local traditional tea "Kainari" they create a unique tasty combination.

The traditional health tea "Kainari" is a special product with a recipe that includes 6 different spices and herbs.

You can read in details about "Kainari" also here:

The olives and lemons harvested at the right time of maturity and lack of preservatives
contribute to the production of high quality and considerable
nutritional products.

Packing 380 g

Great jam to enjoy on toast, freshly baked bread, yogurt or more creatively on top of cakes and other desserts

-Home made greek traditional product from the Aegean island of Lesvos

-No preservatives

-No glucose

Ingredients: Black Olives,Lemon,Sugar,lemon juice,Tea "kainari" (cinamon,glove,nutmeg,cardamon,ginger,black pepper)

Black Olive-Lemon content 60%

it may contain traces of nuts

Store in a cool and dark place.

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