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Bennesere Rose Geranium - Hand made soap from pure virgin olive oil,essential oils and natural clay.

Handmade soap from Lesvos island with essential oils Rose Geranium, Lavender and Bergamot.The intoxicating scent gives health and harmony in body and mind.

The pink clay cleans and tones the skin. It's suitable for all skin types.
The red clay delicately replenishes and heals tired skin cells. Ideal for dry, sensitive skins.
The therapeutic and beneficial properties of the clay due to the presence of various metals. The clay is known for its absorbent and the detoxifying properties. It is antiseptic, anti-aging and soothing significantly helps in the regeneration of cells.

Olive oil is a natural cosmetic from ancient times, rich in vitamins A, E and polyphenols.
It delays the signs of aging, regenerates, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.
Additionally it contains a high percentage of vitamin K and minerals such as sodium, kalium and iron which fight acne, keep your skin soft and help it regain its lost elasticity.

Ingredients : Pure virgin olive oil, coconut oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils, natural clay.
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