Traditional preserve Rose petals


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Traditional preserve (spoon sweet)  Rose petals
Produced with the best ingredients from our region this lovely spoon sweet is made from an old local recipe. 

Kalypso brings you in touch with the unique tradition of Lesvos island, through a variety of authentic traditional flavors. traditional product greece

Inspired by the abundance and variety of fruit available in Lesvos island, Kalypso has created a series of traditional preserves, also known as spoon sweets.Each spoon sweet reflects the season when the fruit was at its peak.

Spoon sweets are served by the spoonful on a small plate and offered to visitors as a way of welcoming them into our homes. Enjoyed on their own or add a couple of spoonfuls as the topping for your Greek yogurt or vanilla ice-cream.


  • Handmade greek traditional product
  • No preservatives
  • No colourings
  • No glucose
  • Ingredients: rose petals, sugar, lemon juice greek product  traditional product natural sea salt organic olive oil natural soap essential oils donkey milk greek tea home made jam traditional sweets