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Dried Figs from The village Eresos-Lesvos. Vacuum packing 150 g

Once the figs have matured on the trees, they fall on the ground, they are picked up, they are sunk, they are drained and they are brought to the packing room, where they are smoothed and perfumed.Packaged in vacuum to maintain their freshness and aromas.

The whole process is done as we learned from our parents, improved and in accordance with current food hygiene rules.

Figs are a unique fruit resembling a teardrop. They’re about the size of your thumb, filled with hundreds of tiny seeds, and have an edible purple or green peel. The flesh of the fruit is pink and has a mild, sweet taste. The scientific name for the fig is Ficus carica.Figs are packed with nutrients and offer a variety of potential health benefits. They may promote healthy digestion, decrease your risk of heart disease, and help you manage your blood sugar levels.

Dries Figs also contain small amounts of a wide variety of nutrients, but they’re particularly rich in copper and vitamin B6.

Copper is a vital mineral that’s involved in several bodily processes, including metabolism and energy production, as well as the formation of blood cells, connective tissues, and neurotransmitters (2).

Vitamin B6 is a key vitamin necessary to help your body break down dietary protein and create new proteins. It also plays an important role in brain health

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